Projections for arable crops: sugar sector, cereal market, oilseeds

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For the sugar sector, health initiatives and consumer preferences will lead to a decline in EU consumption by 5%. By 2030, the EU sugar production is expected to reach 19.3 million t, in comparison with 18.6 million t in 2018.

Concerning the cereal market, production is expected to continue growing, and reach 325 million t by 2030 (compared to 284 million t for 2018). This growth will be driven by an increase in industrial use of cereals, a small rise in feed demand and export prospects.

As for oilseeds, no further growth is expected in the rapeseed crop area due to the opportunities and limits of biofuel policy after 2020. In addition, demand for protein crops will continue to be strong for feed as well as for human consumption. The supportive policy environment will facilitate that, and further drive production growth. However, protein crops only represent 1.4% of total crop area, limiting its overall growth.

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