Prospects for breakthrough technologies in the agrofood-business

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In KMBS on Ukrainian Food Valley event there was a very interesting speaker from The Netherlands Study Centre for Technology Trends – Dr. Patrick van der Duin. His topic was about the
Prospects for breakthrough technologies in the agrofood-business.


Concluding remarks:
Health, demographic change, and welbeing:
•Bioinformatics and food design will make it possible to create customized food, making it easier to follow a healthy diet.

•Food personalization provides an important contribution to increased wellbeing.
•The trend toward increased urbanization can provide an incentive for vertical agriculture, which allows people to engage in more efficient food production.

Secure, clean, and efficient energy :
•Bioinformatics and smart farming, can certainly help make food production more efficient and thus reduce the sector’s ecological footprint

•Genetics,synthetic biology, and food design can make the sector less “natural” and thus might reduce the burdens on nature and on our atmosphere.

•(New) technologies like solar energy, wind energy, or energy from biofuel and algae) may give the agricultural sector the opportunity to be an energy producer.

High potential of becoming ‘breakthrough’:

•Bio-informatics, smart farming, syntheticbiology, food design, proteintransition

Lower potential of becoming‘ breakthrough’:
•Vertical agriculture, aquaculture, conservation technology


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