FAO extends support with modular storage units to Mykolaivska and Kharkivska oblasts

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The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) together with the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine have extended the deadline for the registration for receiving modular storage units for farmers from Khersonska oblast. At the same time, similar programmes have been opened in the State Agrarian Registry (SAR) for agricultural producers from Kharkivska and Mykolaivska oblasts.

To participate in the programme, farmers need to have at least 100 hectares of land under official cultivation in the specified oblasts and use the provided equipment to store their own grown products. Preference in the selection of applications will be given to enterprises that will install modular storage facilities in Kharkivska, Khersonska or Mykolaivska oblasts.

Since the registration opening for Khersonska oblast on 4 January 2024, 114 agricultural producers have already submitted applications through the SAR. A total of 244 modular storage units will be distributed within this initiative. The capacity of the provided storage units will depend on the area of arable land in the selected oblasts, and will be 300, 500 or 1000 tonnes.

Farmers that cultivate from 100 to 199 hectares of land in the specified oblasts will be able to get a modular storage unit with a capacity of 300 tonnes; farmers that cultivate from 200 to 399 hectares of land – an MSU with a capacity of 500 tonnes; and farmers that cultivate more than 400 hectares of land will be able to get a modular granary with a capacity of 1000 tonnes.

The initiative aims to strengthen the stability and sustainability of the agricultural sector in the east and south of Ukraine, and is part of the Grain Storage Support Strategy, which is implemented with the generous financial support of Canada, Japan and the Australian charity Minderoo Foundation.

Applications should be submitted before 4 February 2024. After processing and analyzing the received applications, programme participants will receive confirmation of assistance through the SAR and will be notified of the delivery time.

Due to the limited number of modular storage units, completing and submitting an application is not a guarantee of support and is subject to evaluation criteria and the final decision of FAO.



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