How to help Ukraine – important contacts and details. Please share as widely as possible!

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Ukraine is providing an amazing heroic resistance to the largest army in Europe, shielding the whole Europe from the Russian aggression. Unable to win the war, russian army is now targeting civilians and local infrastructure, trying to create a humanitarian catastrophe. Just like the German Nazis during the Second World War russians are killing children and elderly people in Ukraine, looting the shops and apartments.

Millions of people around the world are asking SEEDS team members how they could help. This material has the information you might be looking for and your help in sharing it with all of your friends around the world is greatly appreciated.

Money donations are important, but the most urgent need is the medical supplies. You can find the list of medical needs at these spreadsheets.

These goods need to be delivered to Poland.
Packaging requirements are as follows: packing must be to withstand all stages of handling without breaking. It must be clearly labelled with full details of content and the consignee. Please, mark the boxes with HELP UKRAINE words.

The address of the warehouse is: Pol-Cel, Rampa Brzeska 63, 22-100 Chełm, Poland. Phone number: PL +48 82 565 01 55.
For information please also call:
In Poland +48 45 102 6042
In the UK +44 1353 885152
In Ukraine: 0 800 801 152
In the US +1 855 725 1152
or email:

Here is also the web-site of HelpUkraine organization in English. They also have Polish, Dutch, Hungarian and Ukrainian versions of it.

Since common people on the streets of Ukrainian towns are resisting fully equipped russian occupiers, they need the following non-weapon ammunition to protect their lives:
• Body armour (bulletproof vests) of class 4 and higher
• Tactical helmets with the same level of protection
• Military radios, etc.
These supplies could be sent to the following address: Stefana Batorego 1, 37-700 Przemyśl, Poland. Contact person: Ada Haszczyn, +48785742135, NTUAPL@GMAIL.COM

Refugees from Ukraine: women and children and elderly people also need your help. They need accommodation, help with obtaining some legal status, food, etc. Most of the refugees are entering Poland and Romania but also Hungary, Slovakia, and Moldova. There is a web-site where you can please your offer for free accommodation There is also the UN Refugee Agency collecting donations. Also, please feel free to announce your support on FB in local commute groups.

Finally, for monetary donations to purchase non-weapon supplies, the National Bank of Ukraine has created a special bank account where you can donate any amount in any currency from any country in the world in one click! Alternatively, you can donate Come Back Alive, a Ukrainian NGO which is supporting the Ukrainians at the frontlines with non-weapon supplies, such as food and medicines.

Please bear in mind that any help you can provide is greatly appreciated by the people worldwide. Brave Ukrainians are protection each of you and they ask us to assure you that they will not give up even if they try to level the country. Please keep this in mind every minute while this tragedy continues and do everything you can to support Ukraine!

You can also see the footage shared by common people from Ukraine with crimes committed by the russian army and numerous documentation at the Telegram Channel (in Ukrainian).
Official reports of the Ukraine’s armed forces in Ukrainian and English are shared here on Facebook. Also, please follow the President of Ukraine on Twitter. You could share the truth with the world and it is also matters!


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