What the Italian market is importing from Spain

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In Italy there is quite a lively demand for Spanish produce at the moment as, when it comes to prices, Spain seems to be more competitive.

“Demand for Spanish iceberg lettuce is always good with prices ranging from €0.15 to €0.25 per head in case of high quantities. Prices cost €1.20-1.50 for 2 kg punnets of loose products, while 1 kg punnets cost €1.60-1.90/kg: in this case, the fruit looks good and maintains during transport, which can take as long as 2 days,” explains Giuseppe Iacovazzo, an operator based in Spain.

“There are a lot of red and yellow California and Lamuyo peppers, though prices are low despite the good quality. Oranges and lemons from Almeria are also available.”

Demand is lively also for green tomatoes, cucumbers, friggitelli peppers, broad beans and peas, which are of an excellent quality and have lower prices than the Italian produce.

“We are waiting for the spring productions to become available as our orchards are in full bloom.”


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