Restoring Beekeeping & Pollination, Ukraine

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The World Bee Project CIC and the Polish-Ukrainian technology company Amohive have joined forces to offer beekeepers in Ukraine direct long-term support in rebuilding their apiaries and livelihoods.

Our partner Amohive is an international team of electronic engineers, computer scientists, programmers, and business analysts, based in Ukraine and Poland and headed by Igor Kurdin.

The war did not suppress the celebrated ingenuity of the Ukrainians –  Amohive won the European Bee Award 2022 prize for Innovative Technological Solutions to reduce farming operations’ impact on pollinators.  The award was announced on 06 December at the European Bee Award 2022 ceremony, European Parliament, Brussels.

The number of beekeepers per 1000 people is one of the highest in the world. Ukraine is a world leader in traditional beekeeping and the agricultural market, but there is no honeybee pollination system in Ukraine, although the need for it has emerged now, write

Due to the lack of bees for pollinating sunflower crops this year, Ukraine lost up to 250-500 kg/ha.   Ukraine has  6.5 million hectares under sunflower cultivation, and the losses due to lack of pollination are estimated at 3 million tons.

Post-war Ukraine will be a challenge for more reasons than one. Our partnership is committed to doing its best to address all challenges.

The World Bee Project and Amohive have co-founded the ‘Smart World IT Apiary’ at the junction of the Ukrainian borders with Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland.   We aim to create a  new qualitative leap in beekeeping and pollination systems and help lead a new profession of beekeeping:  Smart World IT-Beekeepers using IT-based management methodologies.

Bees are the Basis of the Economy, Environment and Society.

Our research programme aims to speed up the restoration of the massive bee colony losses. The representative data we generate could be used to create an optimal model for the rapid restoration of bee colony losses. This will be unique data not currently available anywhere in the world.

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